In-Office Sedation Options

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At our office, we want all children and parents to feel comfortable and safe.  Some young or apprehensive patients may need some form of sedation to help them get their dental treatment completed in a comfortable and safe manner.  Two great services we provide at our office are conscious oral sedation and IV sedation. Not all pediatric dentists in the Greater New Orleans area can or do provide this service and instead, choose to treat these patients under general anesthesia at the hospital in an operating room. As far as we know, we are actually the only pediatric dental office offering in-office IV sedation dentistry in New Orleans.  Our in-office sedation options allow your child to be treated in our office by the dentist and team members that you know and trust. In most circumstances, we can complete your child’s dental treatment with one or two in-office visits, thus eliminating the need to put your child to sleep at a hospital. In certain circumstances, some children do need to be treated at a hospital, and we provide that service as well. 

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Oral Sedation In-Office

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IV Sedation In-Office

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